Top 20 SEO Off page Optimization activities list 2018

Before getting started with SEO Off-page Optimization, let us understand what is SEO?
SEO: Stands for Search Engine Optimization; which involves various kinds of activities to improve website’s visibility and rankings in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL, Baidu etc.
SEO is categorized in to two types     1. SEO On-page Optimization     2. SEO Off-page Optimization

In my previous posts; I wrote about SEO On-page Optimization in detail. If you miss it check out here: On-pageOptimization Factors.
In this blog; I’m going to explain SEO Off-page Optimization and list out various activities involved in Off-page optimization.
SEO Off-Page Optimization:   It is also called as link building activity. Back link is nothing but a hyperlink from one website to another website. Search engine consider these backlinks as votes (in general for user understanding purpose) and decides our website placement in SERP when a user search for our product or services. So our aim is to b…

SEO Strategy and Working Process Step by Step Explanation - 2018

Many candidates do not know how to start SEO for a project. This blog post is especially written for SEO beginners to guide them in how to implement SEO strategy for better implement it to get higher rankings in search engines. 

You will understand SEO better when you start working on a website. Now have a glance on below shown SEO working process diagram. Follow up, it definitely works for you.

1. Website development: Creation of website, this is not SEO guy job but we should recommend some basic requirements for SEO.
i. Website name should contain maximum of three words.   ii. Website should have Secure Socket Layer (SSL), HTTPS websites preferred by search engines than only HTTP. iii. It should be dynamic, must be mobile friendly. iv. Do not over use JavaScript codes for better website loading speed. v. Website structure should be organized well, provide easy navigation to inner web pages.
2. Competitor analysis and Keyword research: From here our work starts. We should …

38 Best SEO Site Auditing, Keyword Research, Analytic Tools

What is Website Auditing? SEO site auditing can be explained as analysing the factors which are effecting website rankings in Search Engine Result pages (SERP). As I mentioned factors in my previous blog SEO On-Page Optimisation and Top-20 Checklist, we find out those factors using some free and paid tools and optimise as per the Search Engine guidelines to get higher rankings for our website.

Lets discuss the SEO Site Auditing tools
1. Screaming Frog: It is a website auditing software, which can be available in web for the download. I can say this software is the very best tool for site auditing. It gives complete data about a website including total number of pages with title, meta description, meta keywords, H1 and H2 tags present on every page. It also shows duplicate and missing titles, descriptions, keywords, H1 an H2 tags in detail. I would recommend this tool to find out and optimise website duplicate content.

2. SEO Site Checkup Tool: This is also a major tool or second most pref…

SEO On Page Optimization Guide and Top 20 Checklist

In this post i'm going to explain what is SEO On page optimization and what are the factors we should implement for improving our website visibility in search engines to get higher rankings in SERP as well as good traffic for website as per my experience.
In the previous post What is SEO, i gave quick introduction for SEO On page optimization but in this post i will cover in-depth. Google and all other search engines go through lot of factors ( around 200) to refine the websites that contain user searched keywords in their content to satisfy the website visitors experience in providing good informational content by displaying useful informative sites in search engine page results. So every aspect of optimization is very important for an SEO executive to improve a website to place it in top organic search engine results.
SEO On page optimization defined as optimizing activities performed within a website to improve website visibility and get higher rankings. Lets see the SEO …

SEO explanation and useful recommendations for startups

Digital Marketing: Marketing of businesses, brands, products, and services  on digital media technologies, through content marketing, social media platforms and search engine optimization.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is one of the major activities of Digital Marketing uses to enhance website's visibility and page rankings in Search Engine Page Results (SERP) for particular keyword phrases or our business relevant terms.
SEO is categorized into two types
1. On Page Optimization: activities performing within a website is called as on page optimization. In an easy way i conclude this activity as inserting keywords in title, meta description, meta keywords, URL, Header tags (H1 to H6), image alt tags, content and rectifying issues like canonical URLs, broken links, broken images, sitemaps, robots.txt files, Google analytics & search console codes. 
2. Off Page Optimization: It is an promotional activity of our website in other websites. this can be done through some…